A now page is where one explains what they are up to right now.

Right now, I am a senior at the School of Theology at the University of the South, affectionately known as Sewanee.

I am starting my LAST Semester!
Pastoral Theology II
Senior Chant
The Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas
Theodicy & the Bible

I am particularly excited for theodicy, (the question of good and evil) at the graduate level as I took two classes on it in undergrad and am looking forward to revisiting those deep questions?

In my “free” time, I am job-searching; I am waiting for my General Ordination Exam results; I am supply preaching. I am hiking the Domain; I am playing chess.

Allison and I got married July 6th, 2020. See the wedding here.

Updated 1.30.2020